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The Ultimate Bachelor Party
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Looking for a unique and fun event for a bachelor party near Indianapolis??  Play paintball, low impact paintball or Airsoft! Not only will the guys have a blast, but the bride-to-be will highly approve this entertainment versus other traditional bachelor parties!

Now you can find out who the best man really is! Shooting paintballs at the groom-to-be will make for some great pictures and memories. Gather up the guys, pick a day and time and click the Book Now button! It doesn’t get any easier than that to book your bachelor party event!

When you play at our paintball park near Indianapolis, everyone in the bachelor party will have a great time! Book online today!

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paintball bachelorette parties

Paintball isn’t just for guys! Find out who the most honorable maiden is! Book your paintball bachelorette party today!

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Unique and fun for all

The entire bridal party will love attending your fabulous paintball bachelorette party! Planning a wedding can be stressful – no better stress release than shooting a paintball gun! Dress fancy, dress down – just have fun!

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Experience the excitement of traditional paintball!

 The thrill of paintball with way less impact! Everyone loves low impact paintball!

Airsoft is realistic, tactical play for the adventuresome! Bring your own equipment and play!

At Indy Paintball Battleground near Indianapolis, paintball and Airsoft bachelor parties and paintball and Airsoft bachelorette parties and events are exciting, fun and easy to organize. Whether your group is large or small, we can help you host the bachelor party or bachelorette party that will create memories to last the years!

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low Impact paintball
Way Less
More Fun
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fun for everyone

Why Low Impact paintball?

Everyone loves low impact paintball- guys and gals! It’s got all the thrill and excitement of traditional .68 caliber paintball, without the wham! Low impact paintball uses a smaller .50 caliber paintball that has less mass, which means way less impact! It’s about like a good snap with a rubber band. 

We use a pump action gun, which also means you won’t get hit with a continuous barrage of paintballs! 

Low impact paintball is perfect for your next bachelor party or bachelorette party. Book your party or event today!


Great place for a bachelor party. They we're very cool and accommodating!

Cody P.
Airsoft is fun

Looking for Airsoft near Indianapolis?

At Indy Paintball Battleground near Indianapolis, we usually have Airsoft open play twice a month. Bring your own equipment and come play at our Indianapolis fields!

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Airsoft is perfect for Bachelor Parties or Bachelorette Parties!

Come on Out!

Get your Central Indiana Paintball Game on!

Come on out and see us today at Indy Paintball Battleground near Indianapolis!