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Kids are on their mobile devices way too often today! Get them outside and active playing traditional paintball or low impact paintball at Indy Paintball Battleground today! These are activities they will love and NOT GET BORED!

Our paintball park near Indianapolis is a fun, healthy and safe alternative for younger kids and teens alike.

When your group plays at our Indianapolis paintball park, we know they’ll have a blast. Book your church, youth group or school event today! Book online, or if you have any questions, call us today!

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 Ages 10 and up. Experience the excitement of traditional paintball!

Bring your own equipment and play! Learn more about Airsoft!

At Indy Paintball Battleground near Indianapolis, paintball and Airsoft events are exciting, fun and easy to organize. Whether your group is large or small, we can help you host the church, youth group or school event that will be talked about all year long!

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low Impact paintball
Way Less
More Fun
for everyone
fun for everyone

Why Low Impact paintball?

Everyone loves low impact paintball – from ages seven to 77! It’s got all the thrill and excitement of traditional .68 caliber paintball, without the wham! Low impact paintball uses a smaller .50 caliber paintball that has less mass, which means way less impact! It’s about like a good snap with a rubber band. 

We use a pump action gun, which also means you won’t get hit with a continuous barrage of paintballs! 

Our low impact paintball is for ages seven and up! Low impact paintball is perfect for your next  church group, youth group or school event!!  

Come play low impact paintball today at Indy Paintball Battleground near Indianapolis!!! 

Took over 50 students and ten adults today and it was great. Everyone was friendly and they helped us with everything. Definitely topped the paintball place on the east side hands down in service and value!

Shaun B.
- Shaun B.
Come on Out!

Get your Central Indiana Paintball Game on!

Come on out and see us today at Indy Paintball Battleground near Indianapolis!